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Posted on 04-25-2016

Some canine behaviors are difficult to understand, especially the unpleasant ones. Why do some dogs like to roll in the most foul smelling, unpleasant material that they can find? Many have asked me that question. Here’s another good question: How can one make him stop coating himself with stink?

          I have my own ideas as to what prompts a dog to roll in stinky matter. Behavioral specialists will speculate the cause, but concede that we don’t know for sure. So as it turns out, no one really knows the answer. One thing you can count on is that your freshly bathed pooch will be sure to locate the most unpleasantly aromatic dung pile available, and slather himself head to tail just before the in-laws arrive for their annual visit.

          Some experts think dogs roll in foul matter in order to disguise their own scent. Thus an effort to evade predators. In other words, it is instinct. Perhaps a dog’s nature is to be dirty, not squeaky clean. After all, the original dogs lived outside in the woods, and not on the sofa. Maybe they do it because it is fun. It’s even possible that they do it because dogs know it bothers us. Could it be a dog’s way to get left alone?

          Since we haven’t a true understanding of “why” dogs like to roll in stinky stuff, I have only one suggestion: If you find the behavior repulsive (most folks do), keep your dog on a leash and away from stinky ground matter. Oh, and you might want to keep a couple of gallons of canine shampoo on hand as well.

          Until next time…Thanks for Caring!



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