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Posted on 04-25-2016

        Yes, there is a huge pet overpopulation problem in our area, and that alone is an excellent reason for spaying. But there are many other more personal reasons that an owner should have a pet spayed.

          Spayed female pets are better behaved pets. They are calmer, more affectionate, and stick closer to home. They are less likely to roam and leave home, thus decreasing their exposure to traumatic accidents, disease, and animal attacks.

          A heat cycle occurs approximately once every six months, during which the female dog will bleed from the genital area and attract males. In the average household, this can be quite cumbersome. Female dogs in heat have a tendency to “stir up the neighborhood”, attracting male dogs from all over the territory. This can result in aggressive dog fights, threatening both you and your pets.

          Spayed females are healthier and live longer. Being spayed at an early age reduces a female dog’s risk of malignant breast cancer by almost 100 percent. A spayed female cannot get uterine infection or cancer, something we regularly see in the intact female. Since a spayed dog won’t get pregnant, she will not be exposed to pregnancy stress, difficult deliveries, risky cesarean section, pregnancy toxemia, and other health risks.       

          It is true that there are plenty of cats and dogs to go around…and then some, so I encourage you to seriously consider adoption before you go out and buy a pet. I also want your relationship with your pet to last a long, long time. Spaying her is a good insurance policy.

          Until next time…Thanks For Caring!!

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